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Welcome to Lion’s Apartments, a beachfront vacation oasis that lives up to its name.

The two apartments are a part of a secluded island property with a wild heart and majestic view. They are situated in a perfect spot to take in the sapphire waves and the golden sun. It is truly a king-worthy experience!

LION 1: Hear the waves roar

Unwind at this stunning retreat only 100 metres from a remote beach. The apartment was recently renovated and consists of a Mediterranean-style kitchen with the dining area, two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a large south facing terrace, all lovingly build with wooden floors and colourful details for a charming feel. Ideal for a family vacation or a group of friends (up to six people).

 Enjoy the unobstructed sea views and the tranquillity of the green surroundings with nothing but a roar of waves and sound of crickets. The house is secluded in a locals-only spot with easy downhill access to the beach (a real gem for securing a front row to the water and avoiding crowds), but still only a stone away from shop, coffee bar, and restaurant for a complete tourist experience.

LION 2: See the sun rise

Retreat to the terrace of this eclectic sun-dappled getaway and gaze at the uninterrupted view of the rising sun or twinkling constellations far from the city lights. Cook in a modern kitchen and dine in on an extra-large terrace surrounded by nothing but nature. Or enjoy the quintessential outdoor getaway with a close reach of the seafront or nearby amenities of a peaceful, picturesque fishing setting of Stara Baska. 

This recently renovated apartment has two bedrooms and a bathroom, with high-end finishes throughout giving it an at-home atmosphere, suitable for a family with kids or a group of six. The property is hidden from the busy roads with private access to a remote beach, ideal for an early morning stroll down the coast without tourist crowds. If you opt out for a more upbeat experience, coffee bar and restaurants are only few minutes away.


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