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It might be impossible to visit all 1185 islands of the Adriatic sea, but it is very much possible to experience their diversity by visiting just one – Krk. The landscape of Krk, the largest and the northern most of Croatian islands, ranges from forests in the west to sunburnt ridges in the east, capturing the true Mediterranean looks and atmosphere. It offers a variety of attractions and activities, whether you prefer the culture, the nature, or the popular tourist places. With historic towns, rural villages, secluded swimming bays, upbeat bars and exquisite wines Krk, the golden island, is exactly like gold – radiant and rare. Come and experience it!



Stara Baška is located in the southern part of the island of Krk. Clear sea, a series of beautiful beaches along the coast, peace and quiet, unspoiled nature. This wild and at the same time tame landscape is suitable for family tourism, holidays without crowds and crowded beaches. Diligent residents have built houses for rent, family pensions and restaurants, whose tables offer fresh fish, delicious lamb and sheep cheese with homemade honey enriched with sage and other medicinal herbs, and at the entrance to the place is a well-equipped camp Skrila, for lovers of staying in nature. This beautiful part of the island of Krk invites you to rest and relax with its clear sea, dolphins, the smell of salt, boulders-dry stone walls, small intimate beaches, sheep and strong fig branches that bear fruit in August.

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